Mr and Mrs Detective Show

Real detectives. Real topics. Real radio.

Real detectives. Real topics. Real radio.

Mr Detective

Mike is the real deal. Licensed as a Private Investigator in Massachusetts he’s seen all kinds of cases. What can be discussed on-air is a small sample of his professional experience as a real-life PI.

Mrs Detective

There’s no Mr Detective without Deb, Mrs Detective. Deb is a licensed Private Detective in Rhode Island. Her shared passion with Mike is missing children, custody investigations, and helping families in need.

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Mike and Deb discuss MISSING CHILDREN. How to prevent, how to respond, and what signs to look for in your child when they’re thinking of running away. Deb warns parents to be aware of KIK instant messaging application used by child trafficking Kreepers.

Mr and Mrs Detective Show airs Sundays 3pm on WCRN AM 830 the News and Talk Radio for New England.

Show Topics

Missing Children

Missing children is one of Mike and Deb’s area of expertise. It’s a serious and heart-breaking topic, and Mr and Mrs Detective provide tips for avoiding tragedy, latest updates of local missing children cases, and general discussion about missing children cases they’ve worked.

Cheating Spouses

Cheating spouses makes good television drama, but the reality is often painful, especially when there’s children involved. Mr and Mrs Detective discuss signs of infidelity, what to do to protect yourself and family, and the sometimes amusing consequences of having an affair.

Private Investigations

Private investigations are becoming more common in criminal investigation cases. Mr and Mrs Detective share insight gained from previous cases when they worked with local police departments, and what it’s like to hire your own private investigator.

Custody Investigations

Child custody investigation protects your child from abusive situations. Mr and Mrs Detective describe the investigative process in custody disputes, and generally discuss reasons why a parent should hire a private investigator to safeguard their child.

Surveillance Technology

Surveillance technology used by private investigators changes often. Mr and Mrs Detective discuss the new uses of today’s technology and how to avoid technology being used against you. Listen in to hear real-life surveillance stories, as always, the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud investigation isn’t always a missing persons case. Mr and Mrs Detective discuss the investigative process when handling insurance claims, interviewing witnesses, searching databases, and what to look out for when looking for fraud.

Crime Detection

Crime detection provides hard evidence of ongoing illegal activity. Mr and Mrs Detective discuss their general experience with interviewing witnesses, informants, interpreting evidence, stakeouts, and the forensics of garbage retrieval.

Criminal Defense

Criminal defense investigators are licensed detectives who collect evidence about a criminal case. Mr and Mrs Detective share generally about their involvement with cases that had the odds against them, because prosecutors have many investigators, most defendants just one.

Undercover Investigation

Undercover business investigation involves undercover operatives who observe and report crime or espionage. Mr and Mrs Detective describe the fundamentals of undercover operations, and generally share their experience as undercover agents.

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